PDPaola women's gold-colored silver earrings

Ar01-314-u PDPaola women's gold-colored silver earrings

The Zaza collection is inspired by the virtuous flying insects that keep nature constantly in bloom. The subtle beauty and fragility of these small insects is captured in crystals on green mother-of-pearl, alluding to the rapid beating of the wings and the iridescence of the wild bodies of insects. At the same time, delicate white zircons settle as a light ornamental detail on the 925 silver and 18K gold plating, evoking the center of life in constant motion.

Material: 925 sterling silver
Finish: 18k gold plating
Stones: White zircon
Mother of pearl base and white and green crystals
Weight: 3.90 g


PDPaola women's gold-colored silver earrings
SKU Ar01-314-u
Brand Pdpaola
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